This year at the SPIEL 2019 convention in Essen, you can try out Feed the Kraken – a deluxe social deduction game.
If you have enough courage, then come and visit us… But beware – the deep sea is full of danger!

You will find us in hall 5 at the Funtails booth: 5-H123.

You can compete with, or against the authors and prove your skills in this bluff and deduction game…

FEED THE KRAKEN is a tense game for 5 to 11 players. All players are sailors on board a ship, with a mission to sail out into the seven seas. But not all sailors follow loyal and fair goals…

From drunken captains, to dangerous cult rituals, over whispering mermaids, to the bloodthirsty Kraken, all players must hold together or beat each other in ruthless mutinies!

FEED THE KRAKEN will be published in the first half of 2020 by Funtails.
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May the Kraken be with you!