Captains Log, July 19th:

Due to a series of unlucky events, I already lost half of my crew on the way here. The other half believed our ship to be cursed and left me as soon as we landed in a tiny harbor to get fresh water.
I needed to hire a resourceful crew to complete this journey and I actually found one in the local tavern – but some of these folks seem to have other plans with my ship…

Check out our epic Lets Play with an assemble of boardgame youtubers!

These were our “sailors”:

Andreas of Brettspiel Dude
Benjamin of Brettspielblog
Chris of Victoria Parta Spiele
Christoph of Better Board Games
Flo of GetOnBoard
Jochen of Victoria Parta Spiele
Martin of Austrian Gamer
Sven of Brettballett

The video starts with an explanation of the rules by Captain Hans, right before the unruly crew starts their exciting journey.
Thank you, Martin, for creating this video!