Would you enjoy the luxury of a gaming table without giving up space?

May I introduce you to this DIY convertible gaming table for up to 10 players? It can convert easily to a perfect 4 player table and a dining table!

Let these images speak for themselves:

Transformation A:
Wooden framed gaming table with a soft fabric surface for up to 10 players.

Transformation B:
Square setup with 1.2 m space on each side for up to 4 players.

How to convert

The table surface is composed of three table-top-plates which can easily be removed: Lift one edge to unhook the stabilization screws and slide the plate away.

Once one of the plates are removed the table it’s self can be folded down.

The table can be used as a normal dining table, or folded together so compact that it can be used as a side board:

Cup holders

Who likes to spill his lekker drink across the table over one of his favorite games? No one. Sufficient cup holders are a must have.

Cup holders are simply made of ravioli cans. Just be sure to sand-paper sharp edges away and duck-tape top half of the can to prevent it from sliding through the hole.

When cutting out the hole in the wood, don’t worry about making a perfect circle. The cans are forgiving and snuggle into every oval shape…

Which Ikea Table is this?

I got the “NORDEN Klapptisch” (available in Germany for €139):

Additionally you will need some boards from your local hardware store to create the frame. And furthermore a big and nice cloth to cover the surface.

I used a grey fleece blanket. Be sure to get two rolls of double sided tape to stick the blanket to the surface.

The convertible gaming table has added a serious amount of value to our game nights 🙂

Do you use a dedicated table for gaming? What are your must-have features?